A Tale of Two Cupcakes.

We believe dessert should be special, and our goal is to create treats that make people smile and add some sparkle, whatever the occasion. Everything on our menu is made with the intention of making life a little sweeter. And our customers deserve the sweet life. Thanks to our Little Cakes’ fans, who inspire all of our creations, we have the greatest jobs ever.

A shared love of sweet treats is also responsible for the friendship that led to Little Cakes with Big Attitude. As two strangers training together for a triathlon, we distracted each other with talk of cupcakes during our long training sessions. We discovered a shared passion for baking, but there was no way we could have predicted where those conversations would eventually lead. Before long, we had both given up our jobs to travel around Louisiana, delivering custom orders and selling our Little Cakes at markets and food shows. In 2010, we opened our first store in Alexandria, Louisiana.

We love what we do. Thanks to our LC fans we’re living the dream, and we’re committed to continuing to create unexpected, gourmet treats using only the finest ingredients. Little Cakes with Big Attitude has certainly made our lives more delicious. Who knows where life may take you when you let faith, passion, and cupcakes lead the way! Hope to see you soon.
Bridget and Robyn

The Sweet Stuff.

There’s a reason our Little Cakes have reached star status. They have all the nostalgia of our childhood favorites, but with an elegant sophistication that makes them the perfect treat for any special occasion or event. These artful little cakes can go anywhere, and everywhere they go they are sure to capture scores of devoted fans.

Whether it’s our famous Little Cakes, homemade poptarts, fresh baked cookies or coffee bar, we use only fresh seasonal ingredients with an emphasis on natural flavors. Our Little Cakes come in unexpected options such as raspberry lemonade, caramel apple, and southern pecan as well as classics like triple chocolate and red velvet.

We want you to LOVE our Little Cakes, and we want you to come back and see us again and again.

Everyday Sweets

Custom Cakes
Custom cakes can be any flavor we offer in a cupcake in either a 6 inch cake or 8 inch cake