Facility Rental

Planning a celebration? Need a place to host your next bible study? At Little Cakes we take great pride in providing a welcoming space that is warm and inviting for your guests. Our goal is to provide exceptional service and to always exceed your expectations. Call us to chat about what you have in mind and we will work to ensure your event is an extra special treat. Happy Cupcaking.
If you have additional questions, please contact us.


When can I host a party or shower at Little Cakes?
How much is it to rent the facility?
What comes with the facility rental?
How many people can I have at my event?
When can I arrive to set up?
Can I bring in my own cake?
What outside food can I bring in?
Can I serve any alcohol at my event?
Can I decorate my event?
What if I want to rent the facility for more than 1.5 hours?
What happens if I have to cancel my event?